Muscle At 60

Plan: Currently 58 and healthy. Add fitness. Start now. Sustainable calisthenics for 2+ years. Sustain and build through 60s.

History: Always thin. Running since college. Couple of years of racquet and gym membership in 30s. Some free weights. Mountain biking and skiing. Some extra weight in 30s and more in 40s. Ultra healthy diet and weight loss since mid 40s. Little exercise since family, now late 50s. Good legs and lungs. Lean upper body.

Expectation: Good habits and form. Some muscle, not huge. Get and stay strong before 70 or 80. Not huge muscle. What is possible in 2+ years?

Condition: Already running 3 mi 1x weekly. At least lean at start, BMI 20. (Extra weight makes body weight exercises more difficult, especially pull ups.) Assess condition before increase intensity. Early very sore chest, shoulders, back. Scale back progression to improve form (push ups, dips). Baseline with good form.

Calisthenics (Upper Body)

  1. Pull Ups: Start Jan: max 10-11, working 8-9 (Started last Oct max 3-4.)
  2. Push Ups: (Started last Oct max 15, poor form.)
  3. Dips: (Started last Oct max 20, poor form.)

Routine: Alternate push and pull days. Upper body. Start just 1 exercise per day. 1 rest day weekly, instead beach run. At least 60-100 reps per week. As many sets as possible throughout day, at least 20-30 reps per day.

Goals: 24 pull ups by end of 2022.

Challenges: Soreness and some pain. Pain upper chest left side, Zen hitting me rib injury? More conditioning needed? Enough recovery time?

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