Chronic Disease Not Age Covid

  • Covid appears to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.
  • Poor outcome better predicted by lifestyle disease than age.
  • Chronic disease is precondition for covid. (Strictly speaking, covid is NOT chronic disease.) Obvious because some covid among adults, but only those with chronic disease. Also rare cases with genetic disorders, organ transplants or immune suppressing drugs.

Chronic Disease Predicts Severe Covid

  1. Chronic Disease: 99.1% of covid deaths have chronic diseases.
  2. Age: 80% of covid deaths are 65+.
  3. Chronic disease predicts risk better than age.

Chain Of Events, Not Just Germ Theory

  • Chain of Events 1: Pre-Existing Conditions + Virus > Covid Hospitalization or Death
  • Chain of Events 2: No Pre-Existing Conditions + Virus > Asymptomatic or Mild Cold-Flu

Germ theory alone, which states that 1 germ causes 1 disease, alone does not account for variations in outcomes. Current thinking seems to assume dosage and age accounts for variations, but largely ignores chronic disease, or treats it as fact of nature, not choice.

Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back

  • For healthy people, virus causes either no symptoms or mild cold-flu.
  • For sick people, virus causes covid or death.

Children and Covid

  • Obesity not uncommon in children. Very rare child deaths result of HIV, congenital or genetic conditions, etc.

Adults and Covid

  • Adults have fewer pre-existing conditions than seniors. Obesity common in adults. Chronic diseases start to occur in 40s and 50s. Suspect rare seemingly healthy deaths result of undiagnosed or borderline conditions, substance abuse, HIV, congenital or genetic conditions, etc.

Seniors and Covid

  • Chronic diseases are common in seniors. Chronic diseases accumulate with age. Age appears to be just stand in for chronic diseases.