SwiftUI 4

WWDC 2022 has come and gone. No major surprises in SwiftUI. SwiftUI begins to mature.


  • List Selection
  • Split View
  • Navigation
  • Find-Replace

List Selection

  • What I thought was IOS list selection bug was actually design. IOS list selection only works in edit state. Mac selection works without edit state. With iPadOS 16, iPad will work like Mac. Requiring edit state for selection seems bad choice. I will continue to work around with touch gestures.

Split View

  • iPadOS gets Mac split views (HSplitView and VSplitView). iPad continues to evolve in direction of Mac.


  • Move toward separate split views and stack views. New NavigationStack and SplitNavigationView. Old NavigationView soft depricated. Would have been better to compose split view and stack view as needed, rather than special SplitNavigationView.

Limit Beta Code

  • Finish SwiftUI 3 projects (WikiPad) before beta.
  • After existing projects, beta on laptop. Do not want to run beta on my production computers, especially my phone and tablet.