Weight Loss

How To Lose Weight

  1. Change food groups: from meats, fish, eggs, dairy, bakery and junk foods to whole grains, beans, potatoes, vegetables and fruits.
  2. Change habits: from fast foods, restaurants, and packaged foods to produce shopping and cooking.
  3. Change tastes: from sugar, fat and salt to vegetables, herbs and spices.

Why This Works

  1. Prefer foods well regulated because they were abundant and comprised the human diet. These are the staple foods enjoyed by the vast majority of humans throughout all of recorded history. Staple foods provide energy and satiety: whole grains, beans and potatoes. Vegetables and fruits provide vitamins, minerals, variety and flavor.
  2. Habits are skills that become almost effortless with practice. Take back control of the kitchen. Make staple foods your main dish. Not only do you take back control of ingredients and preparation, but foods can be made to match your own tastes.
  3. Taste bud sensitivity adapts. As you abstain from the old habits, cravings reduce until they eventually disappear.