It’s difficult to save the world. Imagine you understood how to save millions of lives. Imagine you understood how to reduce unimaginable suffering. Imagine the science was clear. Imagine the effect was powerful. Imagine the process was simple. Imagine no one listens. Why?


That’s the topic I want to explore. Not the science of health and disease. Not the study of food and nutrition. Not the everyday kitchen routines and habits. Not the recipes. There are plenty of places to learn about a whole food plant based diet (WFPB).

Minority Opinion

Instead that multiple opinions exist side by side. Instead the concensus is wrong. Instead a minority is right. The issue today is framed by terms of information and misinformation, truth and lies. But reality appears to be much more complex.

Human Psychology

That’s what I want to explore. And it seems caused by human psychology, and the differences between each of us.

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