Winners and Losers

Adopters are attractive, successful, fit and healthy, with energy and longevity. Winners rarely need to see a doctor. Non adopters are often less attractive, overweight, sick and depressed. Losers are frequent flyers of the medical system.

You Can If

  • Opportunity (place, time, information, resource, etc.) Right place and right time, etc. Awareness! Ability the control environment. Control your destiney. Own the kitchen.
  • Motivation (pleasure-pain-conservation) Pleasure trap? Benefits? Positive feedback in confidence first (days to weeks), health second (weeks to months).
  • Personality (intellient, conscientious, stable?) Who falls of the wagon, and doesn’t get back on?
  • Character (discipline, practice, habit, routine, etc.) Cohort and support?

Not Everyone Can

  • Not everyone. Competitive advantage. (Keep quiet for competitive advantage? Scarce knowledge? Can knowledge be scarce? How can knowledge be scarce? Not just true vs false, but scarce and abundant.)
  • Adoption cohorts: visionary, seriously sick (FOK), athletes (Game Changers), etc. When young families? Key cohorts: Young women and young mothers? Men are probably last, as they usually don’t cook in tradtional or modern culture. Different audiences: professionals (doctors, dietitians, scientists) vs non-professionals. How to make money and discover truth vs how to save money and keep health. (Business models? Nobody owns food. Medicine is censored and controlled.)
  • Psychology (mind): traps, personality, esteem, etc. Discipline, study, etc. (Discipline your mind. Study human nutrition.)
  • Complete (ideology): No missing pieces! Study human nutrition, human physiology and pathology, and human psychology. Example: McDougall Program has missing pieces: calorie density, motivation, personality, medical myth, protein myth, fat myth, etc.
  • Skills (habits): vs time. Values = Priorities. Programs and operating system. Real Life in Real World. Control your environment. Discipline your mind.

Behind limited adoption is fact that not everyone can. At least with current environment. This creates winners and losers. Identify potential winners vs losers. Be in the winner group. Associate with winners. More winners as adoption cohorts mature. Compassion for losers. Often our friends and family. Can winning psychology spread?


  • Habit and addiction
  • Esteem and self esteem?
  • Naturally scarce foods
  • Artificial foods
  • Abstinence
  • Dr Doug Lisle and Alan Goldhammer: Pleasure Trap


  • Intelligent: Decode evidence.
  • Disagreeable: Critical thinker. Filter evidence. Resist peer pressure and group think. Not sucker.
  • Conscientious: discipline, sacrifice, abstinence
  • Dr Doug Lisle: The Perfect Personality


  • Self: stable, closed, conscientious
  • Kids: Whatever they are fed