Bananas are the most popular fruit in the world. My kids love them for snacks.


  • South Pacific or Southeast Asia (New Guinea?)

Bananas were domesticated in South Pacific or Southeast Asia 8000-5000 BCE domestication. Origin New Guinea (5th cradle of agriculture.) From there they spread to Philippines, South Pacific, Southeast Asia and Mexico.

Bananas are common in Mexico and Central America, arriving from Philippines.


  • Banana Oat Pancakes
  • Banana Oat Bread
  • Banana Ice Cream (Blended Frozen Fruit)

As bananas ripen, either bake (pancakes) or freeze (ice cream) any extra bananas.


  • 8-10 lb (2-3 bunches) per week, family of 5
  • Cost: $0.50/lb fresh cheap and abundant. (Jan: $22 peso/kg)
  • Storage: Keep 1 week fresh (green-yellow green-yellow-spotted).


  • Category: Plant
  • Group: Fruit
  • Energy: 404 calories/pound (moderate-low)
  • Macro Nutrients (C-F-P): 93-3-4 (high starch, low fat, low protein)