Start with mastering the basics.

The Basics

Steam rice, simmer beans, steam potatoes, boil pasta and bake bread. These are our primary energy source. Know the basics, and you will never starve. Then add sides, sauces, soups, stews, salads for flavor and variety.

There are multiple way to cook everything. Start learning at least one way, then pick up the others.

Scratch cooking will generally always taste better than packaged products. Ingredients can be freshest. You can adjust the ingredients to match your taste.

You can also buy packaged products: canned beans, precooked brown rice, bakery bread. These can be good when you don’t have time. But you can usually make the time. Practice time management.

I routinely cook extra quantities of brown rice, black beans, potatoes and whole wheat bread. Extra quantities are refrigerated or frozen. Precooked food is fast food.