• Vegetables Not Ventilators
  • Grains Not Governors
  • Fruit Not Fear
  • Legumes Not Lockdowns
  • Potatoes Not Police


Covid mania

  • Covid mania appears to be dying.
  • Opinions divided between boosters and skeptics.
  • Boosters have supported lockdown, mask, distance, standard treatment and vaccine for everyone.
  • Skeptics have supported treatment by cohort and diversity of treatments.
  • Unprecedented peacetime promotion, supression and censorship of science and opinion.
  • Unprecedented peacetime coercion and prosecution of patients and doctors.

My experience

  • My experience with chronic disease reversal by WFPB diet gives me some unique insights into health.
  • WFPB diet for over decade. Good general health, healthy weight, waist and low normal BMI, no medications. Covid passed through family as strong flu. Self fever 4 days and 1 kid 3 days first week. Another kid 3 days fever following week. No masks, distance, vaccines except to follow local laws. We’re over it.
  • Severity depends of cohort: healthy (most but not all kids), subclinical sick (some young and majority middle age), chronic sick (most but not all elderly). Healthy experience flu symptoms. Hospitalization and death almost exclusively in chronic sick. Very small amount of hospitalization and death among subclinical sick or undiagnosed chronic sick. You want to be in the healthy cohort.


  • Why so much attention and effort for a single germ?
  • Why ignore chronic disease?
  • Germ evolution
  • Novel germ?
  • Not one size fits all
  • Vaccine strategy failure
  • Software vaccines?
  • Social hacks? masks, distance and surface washing
  • Lockdowns: Quarentine the healthy?
  • Echoes of Obamacare?
  • Origin? Will there be more?

Why ignore chronic disease?

  • Chronic sickness preventable and reversible.
  • Chronic sickness order of magnitude larger than covid.
  • Chronic sickness is same cohort with covid mortality.
  • Avoid responsibility for chronic sickness?
  • Avoid anger fat positive and pleasure ideology?
  • Moral failure? (Don’t stop the party?)

Why focus on single germ?

  • General health with strong immunity and nutriton handles spectrum of germs.
  • Reality is combination of germ and terrain theories.
  • Germ theory focuses on germ and dose. Therapy is sanitation, vaccines and antibiotics.
  • Terrain theory focuses on host and immunity. Therapy is nutrition, exercise and rest.

Germ evolution

  • Virulent germs not highly contageous.
  • Highly contageous germs not virulant.
  • Covid was highly contageous, primarily affected chronic sick, and predictably weakened over time.

Novel germ?

  • Immune system evolved to handle novel threats.
  • Most threats are novel to newborn, except immunity transfered at birth and nursing, and this is normal.

Not one size fits all

  • 3 cohorts: healthy, subclinical sick, chronic sick.
  • Known early that covid principally affects chronic sick, those in nursing homes and those with prescriptions.
  • Less about age, and more about health and sickness. Roughly, but not exactly: healthy (kids), subclinical sick (middle age), chronic sick (elderly).

Vaccine strategy failure

  • Healthy don’t need vaccine.
  • Subclinical sick?
  • Vaccines don’t work for chronic sick. (Immune compromised. Excluded from trials for this reason.)

Software vaccines?

  • Novel software platform.
  • Doubts from competitive vaccine platforms.
  • Questionable trial cohorts and endpoints.
  • Vaccines appear ineffective. (Vaccinated spread and die.)
  • Vaccines appear unsafe. (Vaccine injuries and deaths, unknown long term.)

Social hacks: masks, distance and surface washing?

  • Masks, distance and surface cleaning are primarily social theater.
  • Hand washing and surface cleaning ineffective for airborne spread.
  • Virus particle size orders of magnitude smaller than fabric weave size.
  • N95 masks require training and practice to fit, and not used by general public.

Lockdowns: Quarentine the healthy?

  • Not sustainable.
  • Bet on vaccine.

Echoes of Obamacare?

  • When public last focused on health, it was about payment, not health.
  • John Mackey of Whole Foods Market WSJ editorial suggested prevention and was insulted and ignored.
  • Strong negative response from fat positive cohort.

Origin? Will there be more?

  • Mad science? Created in lab. Cover up by funders and scientists. Supression and censorship.
  • Pattern of irresponsible technology. All technology has bugs.