Pizza Saturday


Saturday is pizza day. Kids are home and can help shape the dough and add toppings. Been making every weekend for 2 years now, which is now hundreds of times, since toaster oven and baking bread. Pizza is one of my standard dinner recipes. Pizza day is part of my weekly routine.

Start slow dough in morning, and ready by dinner. 1 lb dough (4 cups) makes 2 rectangle 9 x 13 inch pizzas. Toaster oven easier to use than regular oven, because fast preheat (10m) and timer shutoff. Toaster oven is goes from room temperature to 450F in 10m, compared to 35m for conventional oven. Best toaster oven thin crispy crust on bottom rack 25m.

Simple pizza is just tomato sauce. Usual to use weekly marinara sauce. Easy to add fresh tomato slices. Seed mix of mostly sesame seeds, minced onion, minced garlic, poppy seeds and salt also simple and kid favorite.


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