Disease Resistance

Why do some people never get sick?

And others always get sick, and very sick.

Infection != Disease

Most recently, with corona, we have seen persons exposed to the virus, infected with the virus, who show no or mild symptoms. Called asymptomatic. This is not some special mode of the covid virus. This happens daily, where our bodies handle most infections without our consciousness.

Our bodies detect the infection and eliminate the virus. However, this is not just the action of the immune system. This is the action of the multiple connected immune, digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems working together. Mucus from our airways is fed into our gut. Our gut microbiome communicates with our gut, our immune system and our brain. Our gut supplies nutrients to our circulation. Our blood supplies hormones, immune agents and nutrients to our lungs.

It is not just the immune system and antibodies. Disease occurs when one or more of these system and their connections weakens and fails. Which happens with repeated abuse. Injuries accumulate with age. Kids have the fewest. The elderly have the most.

Your Habits = Your Health

What habits weaken our body systems? Drugs, smoking, drinking, meat, mostly junk food.

What habits strengthen our body systems? Clean air, water and real food, mostly plants.

  • Good habits.
  • Whole body.
  • Not luck.
  • Not genes.
  • Not just immune system.

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